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Online Food Ordering System Built For Your Restaurant

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An Online Food ordering and delivery App, that helps your customers to book food from your menu and enables you to showcase your offering in the best ways & aims to make your restaurant stand out from your competitors.

Have a look on the advance and unique set of features in this Online food ordering system


Favorites Feature

Customers can add their favorite food that satisfies their taste buds so that their favorite food can be ordered repeatedly with ease.


Order Tracking

Customers can track the status of their orders which is initiated by the restaurant in this food ordering system.


Assign to Kitchen Staff

The restaurant owner can assign orders to the available kitchen staff to serve the customer more efficiently.


Custom Order Status

Our OFO system enables Restauranter to add multiple custom order statuses and update them for customer's ease.


Review/Rating Feature

Customers can share their vital reviews with the restaurants regarding the services availed by them.


Pick up feature

It enables customers to either get their food delivered at home or can even make use of take away ( pick up from restaurant ) on their own.


Instant Push Notifications

OFO facilitates the customers to get notified by each change in the status of their ordered food initiated by restaurants.


Multiple Payment Method

Serve your customers by giving them the freedom to pay through multiple payment gateways like Internet banking, Debit/Credit card or COD.


Customer Insights

OFO gives you the platform to understand your customer's needs and wants, in a decently planned manner.

Mobile Apps

An Online Food ordering App for Android & IOS Platform, that helps your customers to book food from your menu and enables you to showcase your offering in a much efficient manner & aims to make your restaurant stand out from your competitors. your self-tailored OFO application includes your business logo, business detail, and food menu.

OFO System : Mobile app

Customer App

An application which can be downloaded from the Play store & app store, enables users to order food from the Android/IOS smartphone.

  • Your app with logo, icon, images and upload them to play store
  • Simply order and get delivery at home
  • Recieve notification from restaurant to keep track of any order.
  • Powered by Dealerbaba
OFO System : Customer App

Restaurant Owner App

OFO application enables restauranter to accept/reject food orders online & can check the delivery route and update the status of their restaurant.

  • Orders Management: Can update customers about their order status via confirmation mail & mobile push notification.
  • Push Notifications: Get Notified on every order that approaches you.
  • Order details: Get access to the customer's database details like customer details, contact no. address.
OFO System : Restaurant Owner App

Kitchen Staff App

Each kitchen staff gets hands-on native IOS or Android app & Once the order is accepted by restauranteur they can assign an order to the staff available in the restaurant to continue with the preparation of the orders.

  • Get notified by the restaurant manager, when any order is assigned.
  • The kitchen staff gets access to the order received and can mark it as “ preparing " as they start to prepare the orders.
  • Kitchen staff can mark prepared orders as " Ready " and this ready order would reflect with others ready orders for the further delivery process.
  • As the restaurant owner would assign the prepared order to the delivery person the order would be transferred from the list of prepared orders to the order history.
OFO system : kitchen staff app

Delivery App

The delivery person of the restaurant also gets the app for their functionality with the built-in Map to deliver the order precisely.

  • Manage deliveries: Delivery person can easily manage the orders assigned to them for better efficiency.
  • Delivery Routing: Integrated google map for delivery person to navigate themself to the assigned customer location.
  • Push Notifications: Get notified by push notification on every assigned order.
  • Delivery status: update your customer on your current status with respect to delivery.
OFO System Delivery App

Integrate with Website

An interactive platform that helps your customers to book food from your menu and enables you to showcase your offering in the best ways & aims to make your restaurant stand out from your competitors. A self-tailored Application that allows you to customize your offering on your exclusive app for your restaurant and helps you to spread your reachability by serving your customers and their demands fruitfully.

OFO System Website

Sales analytics

Track the monthly sales.


Customer Insights

Access data for every order you recieve.


Fully Responsive

It will fit on all the screen.


Interactive Design

Clean, Professional and user friendly design.


Easy to use

Hassle free. Find, Select and order.


OFO offers you an interactive admin panel which helps you to manage your restaurants online business at one stop from there you can monitor all the functional areas of your online food ordering system, this dashboard which is yet simple yet practical to cover all the areas of restaurant management system which guarantees to increase your market share by giving restauranter an opportunity to cater their customers more effectively .

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  • img Change Order Status
  • img Route Tracking
  • img Restaurant Management
  • img Menu management
  • img Opening/Closing Time Management

How It Works

Get your Delicious food in 6 simple steps.


Order placed

Enables customers to order food from an Application, available for both IOS and Android devices.


Restaurant receive notification

Restaurants will get instant notification regarding every order approaches them so that they can accept or reject the order as per their ease.


User receive confirmation

Once the order is confirmed Customers will get push notification about placed order and average delivery time.


Start preparing

Once the order is accepted, the restaurant process order and starts preparing the food.


Assign to driver

The ready food can either be delivered to the customer or can be picked up by the customers on his own.


Deliver order

Once the order is delivered to the customer, the customer can share their valued reviews and experiences with the restaurants.

Pricing img

Monthly Price USD 30 Per Month (One Time Set Up Charge USD 60 Per Location)
By purchasing the subscription of the OFO System you will be able to get the benifits of using customer and restaurant mobile apps for android and iPhone.

Use it with basic version.


Get android & iPhone mobile app for your restaurant ordering system so customers can order food directly from the mobile app. Your OFO app will include your business logo, business detail and food menu.